Graham Fach makes history

22 February 2016

Graham Fach, a 24-year-old left-hander from Guelph, Ontario, won the Barbasol PBA Players Championship! He is the first EVER Canadian to put his hands on one of the most prestigious award in the bowling industry : a PBA Tour title.

Fach qualified second after 24 games of match play with 1…

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18 November 2015

When someone comes up to me and says “ coach I had a great practice session yesterday , I played 10 games and averaged 250!!!” , my answer to that is “very good but I don’t call that a good practice session”. Anytime you keep score during practice you’re really not working on your gam…

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The famous Tornade 90 Duckpin balls are back!

27 October 2015

Since 2006, the Tornade limited edition product line has very popular among duckpin bowling fanatics here in Quebec.  The spiral band which is unique to the Tornade brand makes the balls very easy to read on the lane.  For bowlers looking to shape or curve their ball, the spiral lines help the…

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Checklist for the tournament bowler

13 October 2015

If you’re one of those players who will be playing many tournaments this year, whether  the Circuit here in Quebec or with Bowlers Club in Ontario, here are some important points you as a bowler should be aware of.

If you have 4 balls then you need to have 1) plastic 2) u…

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