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Buffa Distribution has always been involved in all aspects of bowling. Through the years, we have acquired new skills and techniques to help you achieve your goals. We are fortunate to have in our troops people who really love the sport of bowling and know what it takes to get to the next level.

You like to strike out in the tenth frame for the win and you love the adrenaline of competition? Why not live those emotions more often by improving your game?

At Buffa Distribution, we teach bowling to people of all skill levels. From beginners, league bowlers to international athletes, we know how to help you improve YOUR game and go where you want to go.

Back in 2009, the United States Bowling Congress coaching department elevated the one and only, Frank Buffa, to USBC Gold status, making him the 34th coach in the world to earn the distinction. No matter what you wish to accomplish, rest assured that Frank Buffa would help you get there.

Frank Buffa is passionate about bowling and he loves to translate his passion to his students. Take for example his son, Mark Buffa, who was part of the Canadian National Team from 2002 to 2013. With the support and teachings of his dad, he was able to accomplish the biggest dream a bowler could ever wish for: becoming a world champion. Mark accomplished this goal in 2013 when he won gold in trios at the World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, with two of his team mates from Quebec: François Lavoie and Patrick Girard.

Caroline Lagrange, a well-known and accomplished bowler from Quebec, took Frank Buffa as a personal coach from an early age and never looked back. When she was 14 years old, Frank told her that if she kept working hard and listening well to his advice she would become a world champion one day. She held on to that thought for years and slowly worked her way to the top. Since then, Caroline has captured two World Cup titles, numerous medals on the international scene and multiple gold medals at the Canadian level.

No matter what your dreams are, no matter what you wish to learn, know that dreams do become reality when you work hard. The Buffa Distribution training centre can help you get there. Contact Frank Buffa for a lesson today!


  • 1 hour lesson 1 person : $55
  • 2 hour lesson 1 person : $100
  • 1 hour lesson 2 people : $110
  • 2 hour lesson 2 people : $200
  • 1 hour lesson 3 people : $150
  • 2 hour lesson 3 people : $285

Group lesson : Available. Contact Frank Buffa for more details : Frank@buffabowling.com