13 March 2017

A Home Away From Home

Frankie Catanzariti

by Frankie Catanzariti

The sound of air pulling through a narrow black tunnel, sweeping everything in its path. Piercing, drilling and shaping the crater, leaving nothing but shavings of what once seemed to be impenetrable. Such a powerful force yet I am in control….. If these last couple of words didn’t catch your attention, then maybe these next ones will.

How many of you drag yourselves to work every morning in hopes that your boring job passes by quickly and runs smoothly? You can say what you like, call me lucky or privileged, but until this day, I have never felt that way. To be surrounded by the people whom you’ve idolized growing up, truly, it is hard to believe that I get to walk in their footsteps today. You can choose to believe me or not, but this is far from a 9 to 5 job .

For those of you who might not know this about me, growing up, I always had a passion for teaching. Working with children and educating them on the basics of life. I soon came to realize how much of an impact I had on others. Today, in many ways, I educate the people on the sport that I love. The days when Johnny Bowler leaves your shop, obtaining so much knowledge of the game, that the following day they go out of their way to call you and thank you for your amazing service. What a feeling that is! What I do is not all black and white. The rainbow doesn’t have enough colors to express to you how much I love what I do.

Now don’t get me wrong, things aren’t always butterflies and lollipops. We all have our problems and we all make our mistakes. Starting up wasn’t easy for me. Not only was I the youngest of the bunch, I was clueless in this domain. Bowling for 17 years doesn’t make you a guru at the sport. Only the time and effort I put towards the game brought me to what I know today. Aside from all the bumps in the road, distraction and the “unexpected” that life throws at you, I try and live by these three words someone once told me, “Raise the Bar”.

This is a brief summary of what working for Buffa Distribution truly means to me. This article is just a taste of what is to come. I will dig deeper into the pro shop world and get you in on some of the tricks and tips I’ve learned working here. From time to time, I will be showing off some new equipment, give you my personal viewpoint, as well getting a second opinion from other bowlers and how it helps them improve their game. Stay tuned for my next article. This is Frankie Catanzariti.

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