25 September 2018

Montreal Open Recap

Mathieu Menard

by Mathieu Menard

Now that the Montreal open is behind us, we wanted to share its highlights with you.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Expo Celebration

We had an exceptional evening on Friday, September 7th. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our Expo Quilles Tradeshow. For the occasion, we invited our customers, our suppliers as well as our families to celebrate this important date with us. It was the ideal moment for our customers to discuss with the sales representatives of our suppliers. That day was very special for Buffa Distribution for several reasons.

We took advantage of the evening to celebrate the years of service of our employees. From the newer employees to the veterans, we took the time to thank each and every one of them for what they bring every day to the company. It was the perfect time to introduce our new Employee Recognition Program called: “Our Service Stars”. From now on, we will make sure to recognize important employee milestones within our company.

Our Team

It just so happened that September 7th is the birthdate of our founder, Mr. Frank Buffa. We ended up throwing him a surprise 70th birthday party. We celebrated his passion and his love for Bowling with his family, his friends and his business partners. The evening could not have been better.

Frank Buffa


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Tournament entries

For the first Montreal Open, we are satisfied with the number of entries we had. 200 players came to Centre de Quilles 440 in Laval for the event. With these 200 players, we had 296 entries total for the 4 qualifying squads on Saturday. We are proud of the turn out, so close to the 300 entries mark! In addition to that, the Montreal Open welcomed players from the USA, France, Italy, Indonesia and also Catalonia. The first Montreal Open will have been a very good international showcase in order to attract more players in the upcoming years.

Lexer BW2

For the Montreal Open, we used Lexer BW2 to manage scores and brackets. Lexer is a league and tournament management software. With this system, the players were able to register online and choose which rounds they wished to play. Lexer also allowed us to have a website specially for the event. On this website, you will find the complete list of players and all their statistics.

Here is the link to see the scores:   Montreal Open – Results

Lymphoma Canada

We decided to raise money for Lymphoma Canada once more. Over the last 3 years, Buffa Distribution accumulated a total of 22 566$ for Lymphoma Canada. This year, with the help of our sponsors, we had 33 prices for those who bought tickets for the draw. During the Montreal Open 2018, we raised 3 680$ with our ticket sale. As usual, Buffa Distribution is proud to double that amount. Buffa Distribution will give, for the 2018 Montreal Open, a total of 7 360$ to Lymphoma Canada. Thank you to everyone who participated.

He is the link to go to their website:  Lymphoma Canada

Left to right: Sophie Katz-Milo, Caroline Lagrange, Vincent Gaudio, Frank Buffa, Mark Buffa

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Tournament winners

For the 2018 edition of the Montreal Open, the grand champion is none other than Dan McLelland. Dan won the Montreal Open Champion Belt and the 5000$ after a very tight match against Darren Alexander. These two competitors offered a great show to the public and those who were watching live on our YouTube Channel. Darren was the leader after the first game with a 256 game against 238 for Dan. However, Dan came back with a 226 game against 193 for Darren. The final score was 464 for Dan against 449 for Darren.

Here is the link if you want to see the final on YouTube.

Dan qualified with the 4th best score (1197) on Saturday. That gave him a spot directly in the top 32 final. After that, Dan won his match against Carolyn Dorin-Ballard (516-424), Marc-Olivier Gendron (510-464), Daniel Perron (504-394), Felicia Wong (526-485) and Darren Alexander (464-449).

Darren qualified 14th on Saturday with a score of 1103. In the first round on Sunday morning, Darren qualified 2nd with an excellent score of 1196. Darren won his games against Jordan Jung (413-346), Patrick Girard (470-388), David Simard (476-429) and Art Oliver Jr (463-378).

Finally, in the third and fourth position, you will find respectively Felicia Wong and Art Oliver Jr. These two players performed very well throughout the weekend.

Felicia qualified in 13th position on Sunday morning with a 1132 score. Then, she won against Marc-André Gagné (482-387), Pete Weber (438-435) and Mitch Hupé (447-417). However, she lost against Dan McLelland (526-485) in the round of 4.

Art Oliver Jr qualified in the 6th position on Sunday morning with a score of 1174. Art Oliver then won against Phil Dion (501-313), Matt Dammann (465-419) and Marco Reviglio (443-397). Art Oliver lost to Darren Alexander (463-378) in the round of 4.

Prize Fund

During the 2018 Montreal Open, 74 players cashed. The total prize fund of the event was 41 100$.

  • Positions 54 to 74 = 300$
  • Positions 33 to 53 = 400$
  • Positions 17 to 32 = 500$
  • Positions 9 to 16 = 650$
  • Positions 5 to 8 = 800$
  • Positions 3 and 4 = 1250$
  • 2nd position = 2500$
  • 1st position = 5000$

We had several sponsors who participated in the 2018 Montreal Open. First of all, Kegel supplied 3 Flex Walker lane machines to oil the lanes. These three machines allowed us to accelerate the pace of the tournament. The time between rounds was about 15-20 mins. Then, our main sponsors were Ebonite, Hammer, Track, Columbia 300, Turbo, Storm, Roto Grip, 900 Global as well as Brunswick, DV8 and Radical. All these sponsors participated to the prize fund of the event.

As other sponsors, we had Dexter, Vise & KR Strikeforce. All sponsors had tables to demonstrate their products in the settee area. We wanted to take the time to thank our sponsors. The event was a success and would not have been possible without them.

A big thank you to everyone who participated near or far to the first Montreal Open. We hope that you will follow us on this journey for the years to come.



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