05 October 2018

New Staff – Summer 2018

Mark Buffa

by Mark Buffa

Buffa Distribution builds on it’s team of Experts. 

Dear Bowlers, pro shop operators and proprietors, 

As bowlers, we always get excited when bowling season rolls around.  At Buffa Distribution, this summer, we ushered in some new features and improvements to help us widen our presence and general footprint in the Canadian market.  The goal to improve our customer experience is thanks to new business processes but more importantly, new people. 

In the pursuit of focusing on growth, we have made a very important decision to create a new position in our company, which is Chief Operations Officer.  We are pleased to announce that Danyck Brière is our newly appointed COO.  Danyck has years of knowledge in the industry, starting as a BRC manager at Pont Mercier lanes in the early 90’s, to being sales manager for AMF, owning his own pro shop in the early 2000’s to finally joining our team as regional sales representative in 2004.  While working sales, he also continued his university studies to be a certified CPA, which lead to him being named CFO in 2010.  Danyck has played an integral part in the growth of our company, being a key player in the most recent acquisitions and growth opportunities of the company.  It is our pleasure to hand him the day-to-day operation reigns and he is backed by an industry leading team of people that know bowling best.  Taking Danyck’s accounting tasks will be Brandon Peiret.  He is a recent graduate and brings a new vision to our company.  With this fresh set of eyes, we will be able to improve internal processes, making the company leaner and more efficient. 

In recent years, we have seen larger order volume, which drove us to make several technological strides in order entry as well as improving our warehouse efficiency.  With that, we’ve also added some key players to our warehouse team, Chris Bédard-Chagnon and John Donaldson.  Both are bowlers and have worked in the bowling industry in the past, which makes this a great fit because they love the sport and they understand the urgency of getting product in your hands quickly to enjoy your bowling experience. 

Today’s business world has evolved, especially on the marketing front.  We are glad to offer a web-ordering platform and continued online content, however this doesn’t just happen overnight.  Mathieu Ménard has been added to our marketing team to ensure that you get all the pertinent info you need on any type of platform, social media, e-blasts and our e-commerce store.  He played an integral role in the data entry process as an intern for our e-commerce platform and now is joining our team, full-time.  If you like what you see on our social media feeds, give him a “thumbs up”! 

Lastly, our capital equipment sales have soared to new heights.  Our partners at QubicaAMF have been releasing amazing product offerings, such as BES X, Harmony Seating and Front End, TMS and XLi Edge Pinspotter and most recently QPad and HyperBowling.  All these tools are ways to help YOU improve your bowling business and bowling experience.  However, you don’t only need the right tools, but also the right training.  This leads us to Guillaume Nadeau.  You might know him from his collaborations on our YouTube channel, however you might not know that he is a teacher.  The fact that he has a teaching background will help us better understand your needs, the needs of your clients and your staff when introducing a new system to your center.  Our goal is to provide better tools, regular online courses on modules you might not be using at their greatest potential, all just a phone call away. 

These recent additions to our team now give us the highest staff count in company history.  We are pleased to keep adding to our portfolio to improve our customer experience.  We want to make sure you have everything you need for your business to run smoothly and ensure that bowlers have the highest level of enjoyment when bowling in your centre.  We will continue to grow with this as our driving force and we hope that we are able to grow rapidly and efficiently together.  Thank you for trusting our team of experts at Buffa Distribution.  We wish you all a great season. 


Mark Buffa, President/CEO – Buffa Distribution

Frank Buffa, Founder

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