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Buffa Distribution Showroom

Since 2005, Buffa Distribution offers modernization services for all bowling centers across Canada. However, it was always difficult for us to demonstrate our products to our customers simply by presenting them in the pages of a catalog.

With the opening of our new warehouse in April 2015, it allowed us to include a demonstration section of our installation and modernization services. This unique facility of a single lane is a real gem in our showroom. Located directly in our pro shop, it is now possible for everyone to see the latest products offered by QubicaAMF.

The 1-lane show room includes: one SPL II lane, the TMS string machine system for tenpin bowling, the BES X scoring system with a Super Touch monitor, the MMS multimedia system, the Harmony – Infinity, Synergy and Energy furniture, Energy tables and storage compartments and a music management system by PcMusic.

Our demo lane is also used to provide bowling lessons in the pro shop with the help of our qualified coaches. We also have at our disposal the new Kegel Flex oiling machine.

What better than a private center to see, touch and even play with all the new products that can make your center a more profitable one!

  • Client: Buffa Distribution
  • Place: Saint-Léonard, Qc
  • Date: April 2015
  • URL:

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