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Centre de Loisirs Joseph-Nio

The “Centre de Loisirs Joseph-Nio” located in Chicoutimi decided to make an upgrade and they now run a modern and interactive center. This modernization consisted of SPL II Lanes, XLi Edge Pinsetters with Smart Guards, BES X scoring system, Harmony ball return, flat screens and Super Touch screens.

They decided to go with the SPL II lanes, why? These lanes have an exceptional look. They appear like a real wooden surface and are fitting perfectly with the decor. On the lanes, you find the new Harmony ball returns. These ball returns are modern, clean in style and are made of quality materials. These ball returns are sure to give a sophisticated look to any center.

The “Centre de Loisirs Joseph-Nio” now owns the XLi EDGE pinspotters with Smart Guards. They are the easiest pinsetters on the market for your staff to learn, operate and maintain. Also, the Smart Guard system will increase the security of anyone operating them.

The center selected the new QubicaAMF BES X scoring system. This technologically advanced system is sure to increase the customer experience when combined with the Super Touch screens.

  • Client: Centre des Loisirs Joseph-Nio
  • Place: Chicoutimi, Quebec
  • Date: Summer 2017
  • URL:

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