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Leisure Lanes

This huge bowling center in the city of Oshawa, a suburb of the metropolis of Toronto, has 48 tenpin bowling lanes.

This bowling center was the first in North America to install the QubicaAMF BES X scoring system. With this investment, they got immediate success. Their customers love the HD image clarity of the monitors and all the different options and games that the system offers. The diffusion of advertisements through the system has generated them more revenues. The addition of the front desk, restaurant and bar computers with touch screen and Conqueror software allowed the owners and employees to do their job more easily and more efficiently. We also installed the Lexer BW2 league management software.

This 48-lane installation included the new BES Ultimate X scoring system with Super Touch monitors on all 48 lanes, 50-inch LED flat screens, multimedia MMS system with 4 outlets, television matrix to control any television remotely and also to diffuse any desired channel that their customers want to watch.

The owners of Leisure Lanes also equipped themselves with a Kegel Kustodian Walker oiling machine (model D). This machine makes it extremely easy for the maintenance clerk. All he has to do is bring the machine out, place it on lane 1, program the number of desired lanes, and voila. No need to follow the machine anymore! According to the owners, this machine easily saves them a salary during the high season because it gives the possibility to the clerk to perform other tasks while the machine oils the lanes by itself.

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