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Centre de Quilles Cartier

The Port-Cartier project is not finished yet, nevertheless, it is relevant to present all the work that will take place. First, the bowling centre will have 4 SPL lanes. The project also includes the Scoring System, Pinspotters, Flat Screens, Super Touch screens, a Crossfire type oiling machine and the Lexer software.

The SPL Select lanes offer a classic look of real wood and are suitable for all types of decors. In the settee area, we will find the interactive Super Touch screens with the “BES X” scoring system allowing people of all ages to fully enjoy their experience at the bowling centre. These screens allow the customer to play games, take photos and stay connected to social platforms like Facebook at any time. The Lexer league management software is perfect for the bowling centre, it allows to better manage, organize and plan leagues and tournaments of all kinds.

In terms of furniture & design elements, the bowling centre chose the Harmony Synergy set. These seats are very comfortable and elegant, in addition to being easily manipulated to create the style you want. The style of masking units chosen is “Elements Amber”, it really makes the look of the bowling centre memorable. The colors of the masking units match perfectly those of the furniture.

Then, the Port-Cartier centre opted for the TMS Pinspotters. This type of pinspotters is much safer and much easier for employees to operate. In addition, it requires significantly less maintenance than conventional pinspotters. The bowling centre has also opted for the CenterPunch Deck Lighting that illuminate the pins. These smart lights have a huge impact on the customer experience.

To complete the project, Port-Cartier has acquired a Crossfire oiling machine. This machine is reliable, simple to operate and very consistent when it comes to cleaning and conditioning the lanes.

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