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Quillorama des Bois-Francs

Our modernization at Quillorama des Bois-Francs took place in a few stages. The bowling center operates both types of pins, 8 lanes of tenpin bowling and 8 lanes of duckpin bowling.

Phase 1 included the modernization of the scoring system as well as office, restaurant/bar management systems. We installed the BES Premium system now called Q Score with the touch screen player console Smile. The owners of the Quillorama des Bois-Francs also equipped themselves with a Kustodian Kegel ION oiling machine. This machine helps to provide very consistent playing conditions as well as the flexibility to change the pattern according to the event.

Phase 2 included the installation of 8 XLi Edge pinsetters for the tenpin bowling section of the center. The purpose of this installation was to change the old magnetic pinsetters for more efficient ones and that are safer. The XLi Edge pinsetters offer outstanding mechanical efficiency that the competition can not match. With the addition of the security system SafeGuard, CSST standards and protection have been fully answered and even surpassed.

This bowling center also manages all their leagues with the Lexer BW2 league management software.

  • Client: Quillorama des Bois-Francs
  • Place: Victoriaville, Qc
  • Date: Phase 1 : July 2010 / Phase 2 : July 2013
  • URL:

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