Parts and Maintenance

The largest inventory of parts and maintenance products for your bowling centre

Buffa Distribution is known to be the largest distribution center of bowling products in Canada. However, you may not know that we have the largest inventory of heavy machinery pinsetter parts : string pinsetters and free fall pinsetters.

Our purchase potential allows us to keep in stock many parts of different brands of bowling pinsetters such as Brunswick, AMF (Mendes), Kegel, Zot, Pinsetter Parts Plus (PPP), PBS/Schmid, and more. The most popular items you may need on a daily basis can be found on our shelves, ready to be sent to you.

We also have at our disposal all the bowling lane care products that a bowling centre may need. Whether you are a duckpin center, a tenpin center or a fivepin center, we are able to meet your needs : cleaning products, lane oils, lane cleaners, cloths, varnishes, resurfacing products, etc. No matter what brand you use : Brunswick, AMF, Kegel or Polychem, we have what you are looking for.

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